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Integrating environment into development institutions and decisions

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RIDES (Research and Resources for Sustainable Development)
RIDES (Research and Resources for Sustainable Development)

Alfredo Lecannelier 1945, Ofic 02, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Contact:             Hernan Blanco
Tel/Fax:             +56-33-443052
Mobile:              +56-9-90892597
Email:               hbp1967@gmail.com
Website:            www.rides.cl

RIDES’ mission is to promote sustainable development at the national, regional and international level. To meet this objective RIDES carries out research, promotes the creation of dialogues, generates networks and contributes to the encounter and dissemination of different perspectives. RIDESactivities seek to:
  • Evaluate the impact of national policies, trade agreements and other international agreements in the promotion of sustainable development.
  • Create a link between global programs and policies, and national and local activities.
  • Promote the generation of policies and management tools aimed at sustainable development.
  • Generate dialogues to inform and bridge different perspectives with regard to sustainable development.
  • Promote interaction between the private and public sector, the academic sector and civil society.
  • Exchange and distribute experiences and knowledge amongst the Latin American countries and the rest of the world.
  • Promote public access to information, participation and justice for environmentally sustainable decisions



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