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Integra Consulting Services Ltd.

Integra Consulting Services Ltd.

Pobrezni 16, 186 00
Czech Republic

Contact:            Martin Smutny or Jiri Dusik
Tel.:                  +420 724 110 779 (Martin Smutny)
                         +420 603 214 487 (Jiri Dusik)
E-mails:            martin.smutny@integranet.cz

Website            www.integranet.cz  or www.integranet.cz/en (English)


The survey will be conducted during Februay and March 2008 in two main countries: Czech Republic and Croatia.

(a) Czech Republic

The survey will involve both distributing the questionnaire by e-mail to relevant electronic conferences and e-mail networks (also available at the Integra Consulting Services Ltd. Webpage: www.integranet.cz), and face-to-face, semi-structured interviews with selected stakeholders
Ancillary telephone interviews will also conducted. A permanent telephone contact will be available for all survey participants to raise questions or obtain details about the survey.

A round table for the selected key stakeholders will be organized in cooperation with the North-Moravia Region (Department of the Environment and Agriculture) to secure user opinions on the effectiveness of the various tools for the environmental integration. Invited participants will include regional politicians and representatives of businesses (industries, developers etc.).

Up to 50 individuals and organizations’ representatives have been identified for interview, covering ministries, national institutes, regional administration, private sector, professional associations, NGOs and constancy companies.

(b) Croatia

A first step will involve a review of available experience and past analyses of integration tools/practices in Croatia. The survey will involve a combination of several approaches:

  • e-mailing of questionnaires to a large group of stakeholders (a minimum of 75 potential respondents);
  • at least 25 semi-structured personal interviews with at least two representatives of various stakeholder groups: authorities, sectoral agencies, industry associations, businesses, NGOs working on sustainable development issues, international organisations based in Croatia, researchers, and environmental consultancies.
  • a group meeting where the questionnaire would be used only as basis for discussion.
  • a group discussion with several respondents might be organized back-to-back with a pre-arranged workshop

Contribute to this country survey: Contact: martin.smutny@integranet.cz

Country survey report [not available yet]
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