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Environmental Mainstreaming
Integrating environment into development institutions and decisions

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International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
3 Endsleigh Street, London, WC1H ODD, England, UK

Tel:                   +44 207 388 2117
Fax:                  +44 207 388 2826
Website:           www.iied.org

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Dr Barry Dalal-Clayton (project coordinator)
Senior Fellow and Director for Strategies, Planning and Assessment
Email:               Barry.dalal-clayton@iied.org

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Stephen Bass (project adviser)
Senior Fellow
Email:               Steve.bass@iied.org

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Send comments and information

IIED would welcome comments on this project, and views and information on tools and tactics for environmental mainstreaming/integration, including good case descriptions of particular tools ‘in action’.

Please send comments and information to: UserGuide@iied.org

Download questionnaire

You are invited to complete a specially designed questionnaire on tools and tactics for environmental integration / mainstreaming.

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