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Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in drylands development planning in Tanzania

The Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF) has implemented a one-year project to build the capacity of local actors in the Districts of Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro to design a long term action-research program that will test approaches and mechanisms to mainstream climate change adaptation into their development planning. This preparatory phase, funded by UKAID-DFID, was

implemented in partnership with the local government authorities of the three districts, relevant national institutions, customary leaders and civil society with technical support from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). The main project objectives were:

  • To strengthen the technical capacities of district-level authorities and civil society actors in the districts of Monduli, Ngorongoro and Longido to design and implement the proposed project, and ensure their ‘ownership’of the process

  • To secure national level interest in the proposed work including the identification of mechanisms to ensure that project experience informs national policy processes and programs in support of climate change adaptation

TNRF and IIED have produced a Brief summarising the highlights of the recently completed project.

With the Tanzania Natural Resource Forum, IIED will be holding a one-day conference in Dar es Salaam on the 19th February to share lessons and outline the next steps. There will also be a short 15 min DVD available that has documented the process.

Download the Brief

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