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Country Surveys

In 2007-8, IIED invited partner organisations in 10 developing countries in different regions of the world to undertake country surveys. These comprised a mix of literature review, semi-structured interviews, focus group meetings, round tables and workshops.


Survey process

Each survey was designed to suit local contexts and circumstances, but with the broad aim to gather user perspectives on tools and tactics for environmental integration/mainstreaming, eg Which tools are used/avoided? What criteria drive such choices? Such baseline information was harnessed through a range of mechanisms: interviews, focus groups and workshops.

A simple generic questionnaire was used to guide diagnostic work and dialogues and aiming to identify the ‘top five tools’ that have been found to be the most effective in environmental mainstreaming and why they are effective; as well as the ‘top five’ problems associated with tools.

Partner organisations managing country surveys used this questionnaire and customised it, eg translating it to local languages in some cases, or adding questions that have particular domestic relevance or importance.

The questionnaire was distributed to potential respondents (eg via professional networks).

The questionnaire was also sent to selected individuals (across government, business and the private sector at national to local levels, as well as civil society users) to be completed prior to interviews. The questionnaire provided a format/menu to allow interviewers to discuss key issues in depth with interviewees.

The results of each country survey were synthesised in country reports. These fed into an Issues Paper prepared by IIED.


Country Surveys

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