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City Learning and Leadership Groups: Kampala

A City Learning and Leadership Group workshop was organised by IIED and UNEP in Kampala on 24-25 July 2012. It was hosted by the Department of Environmental Management at Makerere University and focused mainly on the mainstreaming experiences of Kampala city and Jinja municipality.

The workshop was facilitated by IIED’s David Dodman and Barry Dalal-Clayton, with support from UNEP’s nd Sharon Gil and Shuaib Lwasa (local consultant). The main objectives were:

  • To review the process and outcomes in relation to the development of the City Development Strategies (CDS) for Kampala City and Jinja municipalityQuezon City (and significant experience from other cities and elsewhere in Uganda, including Arua, Mbalai and Mbarara municipalities), particularly in relation to the incorporation of environmental issues within the CDS.

  • To assess the prospects for future integration of environment (including climate change), poverty and development concerns in Uganda’s urban centres.

The workshop considered a background paper on environmental mainstreaming in Uganda and its key cities/municipalities (prepared by Dr Shauib Lwasa), reviewed case examples of mainstreaming efforts from the participating cities, examined other examples of mainstreaming in roundtable discussions, considered the main drivers of, and constraints to, environmental mainstreaming in cities in Uganda, and worked to further customise a set of diagnostic questions to assess progress in mainstreaming in city contexts.

A brief report on the workshop will be available soon.

Download the background paper

Workshop presentations

Some workshop participants

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